Coming of Age —
Arch Hill

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From city-side ‘flatsville’ to a family neighbourhood —

One of the most exciting things about the historic precinct of Arch Hill has been its evolution over recent years from city-side ‘flatsville’ to a family neighbourhood where home owners have a strong commitment to their homes and the area itself.

We started selling on The Hill over ten years ago and have noticed that, as part of the community’s development, more and more people decide to stay, rather than using their property as a stepping stone to areas nearby.

We witness more and more traditional villas and cottages on the Hill being altered and expanded, accompanying families through the different stages of life as they occur. Walk down any street and the builders’ bins, portaloos and trade vehicles are all jostling for position!

Spoilt for choice when it comes to what the location has to offer, very few owners of these renovated properties decide to sell. Instead, they choose to stay and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

This is why number 29 Cooper Street is rare. Leading in the pursuit of quality, and uncompromising in attention to design and detail, this stunning renovation is available for immediate purchase – still shiny from the box.