Waterfront Wonders

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Wynyard Quarter: Auckland’s Seaside Scene.

 It’s hard to imagine the virtual wasteland this part of the world once was. These days the Wynyard Quarter is anything but. Brimming with activities, events, restaurants, tourists and locals alike, it’s a year-round destination for all ages. Of course, being on the beautiful Waitemata means the area really comes to life over the warmer months. Outdoor movies at Silo Cinema, pop-up food vendors, a kids’ park and weekend activities, tram rides, or sit outside one of the many top eateries and daydream about owning one of the mega yachts that you’ve just walked past. The Auckland Fish Market is a destination in itself; far more than a seafood retailer, it boasts cafes and Asian eateries that cater to a constant stream of diners. So much to tell, not enough space here, so best you check it all out at www.wynyard-quarter.co.nz Happy promenading!