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Wake up and smell Papua New Guinea at Kokako

Recently Josh Griggs, the mega-talented photographer we use for our Keith&Sandy campaign and blog, went on a trip with Kokako and the Fairtrade ANZ team to PNG.

The purpose of their venture was to run a comprehensive 10-day education workshop in conjunction with Papua New Guinea Coffee Cooperatives.

In all over 30 leaders from 10 PNG coffee cooperatives partook in a broad range of crop to cup related activities. The aim was to entrench the idea of how commitment to quality would improve their sales. The team also discussed ways growers could future-proof their beans for the speciality coffee market. By the end of their time there the team wanted co-op members to think of themselves not as coffee pickers, but coffee farmers. This was especially important to Kokako’s Mike Murphy, as they source a large amount of beans from one of the workshop attendees, the HOAC co-op.

And Josh was on hand to capture it all. The resulting pictorial essay details the intense effort, often in rugged conditions, that goes into bringing us our morning fix.