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Victoria Park – all ages invited.

Home to Grafton United Cricket, one of the country’s oldest clubs, Victoria Park imbues the feel of an English Common during the summer months thanks to the numerous cricket whites and deckchairs dotting the landscape.
Contrasting this olde worlde vibe is the extremely popular skatepark, a place where urban teens with a slick deck and a penchant for skinned elbows congregate after school and all weekend. Some skate, while others opt to play basketball. All the while unwritten etiquette keep the bowls running smoothly, making it a great destination for young learners too.
However, the sunrise here belongs to grunting boot campers working up a sweat, while the more sedate joggers pound the perimeter of the park. Come lunchtime office workers sweep in for a sandwich and a take-out coffee under the large trees, where they might even get to watch a teetering uni-cycle or two emerge from the circus school. And if you’ve got children to entertain then the playground will be a total hit. Holding leafy hands with historic Freemans Bay and the Viaduct, Victoria Park is guaranteed to charm young and old alike.