Legendary Coffee

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Iconic Dizengoff never fails to delight

You cannot underestimate the joy that comes with being able to order your caffeine hit using your own name, not a complicated coffee description… especially when it’s that all important first cup of the day.

But that’s just one of many clever ways the crew at Dizengoff have been showing their love for their customers over the years, garnering themselves a well-earned reputation for some of the best coffee and service in the ‘hood.

There’s also the caring fact that the outside tables are solely for patrons with dogs. No dog, no seat outside. Or smoking out there either, thank you – another way they like to keep things pleasant for customers and their canine friends.

But don’t worry, there’s lots of seats to be had inside, including a few quieter tables upstairs, which are handy for business meetings. (You’re not the first to say you didn’t know there was an upstairs, but there you go, now you do).

Oh, and if you’re an early bird, the sunrise looking out from the café towards the church steeple is worth a little less shut-eye. Although, if you’re after a bacon buttie for breakfast then you’re out of luck, because the menu’s fully Kosher. Plenty of other delicious fodder on offer though. Like the Louise Cake.

Did Keith mention the Louise Cake? Not that he’s addicted or anything 🙂