Flying and football

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It’s all happening at Western Park

Western Park gets all a little Alice in Wonderland in parts, starting with the half submerged Grecian columns sticking out of the grass up by Ponsonby Road, which is a popular lunchtime sunbathing spot with local office workers. From there you can continue your adventure down the ridge under the canopy of beautiful, mature trees. Note the fitness trail if you’re so inclined. And the off–leash dog area, where you can enjoy views across the valley, while your pooch checks-out the swamp – hope you’ve got a towel in the car. Further down you can catch a game of summer soccer on the football field. Or, for a bigger rush, take a spin on the flying fox. But, the real newsflash is the recently upgraded children’s play area. The little ones will love it. We’ve yet to see a giant white Rabbit or Cheshire Cat in it though. Maybe a picnic or tea party will tempt them out?