Dust off the hamper

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Picnic inspiration from around the ‘hood

Locations for picnics are as plentiful around here as places to source provisions for said excursion are. But to whet your appetite, here are few of our favourite outdoor eating spots. At this time year it’s hard to go past the gorgeous, north-facing Herne Bay beaches, or for big time family fun there’s the wonderfully retro Pt Erin Baths. Another superb option for an outing with the kids is Western Park with its recently upgraded play area, or Tole Reserve, with a playground at one end and skate bowl at the other. As for the yummy stuff, Farro wouldn’t be a silly start. Or, for a nil effort hot meal, then might we suggest a takeout pizza from Prego, or a seafood selection from Fishsmith? And if Sir, or Madam fancies a wee tipple with that, then swing by the wonderful selection at Glengarry Wines on Ponsonby Road. Now, where did you put that picnic rug…?